Success Stories


Our visit to Levi Eshkol School in Beit Shemesh, Israel has been filled with joy. From the excellent values that are taught to the children, to everyone trying their best to communicate with one another, it has been a great learning experience. We have enjoyed trying to learn each other’s languages, making music, art and dance together, and planting trees and vines. The school is a living memorial to Levi Eshkol. A moment of life to remember and to share

Our host family has welcomed us with open arms and fabulous meals. We have much in common, and have talked together and shared laughter. Everyone has been so gracious and welcoming, especially the children. They are charming and try so hard to speak to us, “What is your name?” coming from nearly all of the older students.

The Places you’ll go, Gail and Chris Fischer

We traveled to Beit Shemesh and have had an amazing week volunteering at Levi Eshkol School. From the vision of the principal to the dedication of the teachers and joyful energy and commitment of all the young students we learned something new every minute. We learned a little Hebrew and they learned a little English. children touched our hearts in a special way

The Beit Shemesh Foundation has developed a unique opportunity and model to build bridges with the children of Beit Shemesh and enable volunteers like us to share our gifts and talents while building relationships with others around the world as we learn to love one another.

Our thanks go to Keren Shemesh Foundation for giving us this wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the school. Personally, it has been one of the favorite things I have done in my life. We are looking forward to establish ongoing relationships between our two communities

It is a brilliant idea; I wonder how no one ever thought about it before.  A new horizon.
Efrat Mekonen, Bet Shemesh

For the first time we see a project that empowering the people on a long run, one year of joint work.

We, the Ethiopian community, will take responsibility over our life, and we will improve our quality of life.