Schools We Partner With

Levi Eshkol Schoolschool_eshkol

Mofet Elementary school named after Levi Eshkol works to promote a model society, educating students for excellence in social values and skills along with academic excellence; The school allows each student to fully develop his or her personality in order to navigate life in our complex and changing reality, and enables the student to reach the full potential of his or her own social skills and academic achievements, out of a sense of belonging to the school and to the community. Graduates of the Mofet- Levi Eshkol elementary school will have values, speak accurate Hebrew, and will be independent individuals, responsible and pluralistic, with high levels of social awareness.

Levi Eshkol School joined the FEED a CHILD program with only 21 children from very disadvantage families whom are now able to take part in all School activities, receive daily hot lunches and receive all necessary school supplies.

Levin State Religious School

Our school is named after the late Rabbi Arieh Levin (of Blessed Memory), who accompanied Jewish fighters to the gallows during the British Mandate.

We currently have 330 boys and girls studying from pre-school to 6th grade (5 to 12 year olds), 30% of whom are from new immigrant families and/or from the Ethiopian community. We accept students from all over the city. Our school was built in the 1980’s when the surrounding neighborhood was established.

We Believe:

  • Our school is a mirror of our society.
  • The role of our school is to prepare each child the live the life of a G-d fearing Jew in a modern society, and to prepare our students for further education in Torah learning institutions.

Our school ideals are:

  • Judaism
  • Zionism
  • Excellence
  • Our school seeks to close the existing gaps and to foster excellence among all our students. Computers, English, Sciences and Communication skills are already taught from the first Grade. We also enable those interested students to learn journalism.
  • Through extracurricular activities and with the active support of Keren Shemesh we are able to meet the needs of our children at school. In addition to all the regular subjects, we also offer the following different subjects: Dancing, Football (Soccer), Illustration and writing of comics, Young Chefs, Photography and Communication.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for their ongoing support. Without your help we would never be able to assist our children as much as we do.

Brancoschool_branco Weiss High School

Branco Weiss is the largest High School in Beit Shemesh with over 1250 students from all walks of life in the city.  The core of Branco Weiss School is individualized education for every pupil at his/her level.  Provide meaningful learning, thinking and teaching in the understanding of the value of their education and scholastic achievements.

Branco Weiss High School currently has 27 students blessed with the support of Bridges for Peace. Giving these students the opportunity to participate in all the activities that the school provides the students.

school_dvirDvir High School

Amit Dvir is the only State Religious High School for boys in Beit Shemesh with 350 students from grades 7 to 12.  The school is geared to the religious and traditional community in Beit Shemesh but everyone can be accepted.  The school staff educates our students to contribute to the community, help others and works tirelessly to promote values and educating students in excellence and social values and skills. Along with academic excellence, Dvir school is the only high school in Beit Shemesh that teaches their students technology skills.  the Keren Beit Shemesh Foundation through the support of Bridges for Peace help build the electronic, computer and electricity labs.  Bridges for Peace has sponsored 27 students for the past 7 years in the “Feed a Child” program; these students are able to participate in all school activities and receive school supplies.  It is inspiring to see so many Christians from around the world that love the land of Israel and the children in Beit Shemesh.

school_jaboJabotinsky High School

We are an Elementary school with 165 students and 23 teaching staff.  Our school runs from grades 1-6 a also have a remedial class for grades 3-5.  Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and societies.  In our school our students enjoy a “long school day”  and we also provide meals for the entire student body.

Through the Beit Shemesh Development Fund, Bridges for Peace has been able to help individual children.  Most of the children in the program come from a very low socio-economic level.  This program enables these children to fully take part in the life of the school and feel equal to all other students.  For the past ten years Bridges for Peace provided educational scholarships to children in families from the lowest socio-economic levels in the city.

school_shacharShachar High School for Girls

Our school is named after the seven girls that were murdered by Jordanian soldiers during a school trip to the Jordan Valley and the Island of Peace.

Shachar School is a state religious high school for girls. 310 girls studying from grades 7 to 12, with 20% of whom are new immigrants from the Ethiopian community.

We accept students from all over the city.  Our school is a mirror of our society.  The role of our school is to prepare each student to live the life of a G-D fearing Jew in a modern society and to prepare our students for further education in Torah learning institutions.  Our school seeks to close the gaps and foster excellence among all our students through extracurricular activities.