Keren Shemesh Music Program

I believe every child can play an instrument, the language of music is universal and allows both expression and creativity. Children gain much from being a part of a musical ensemble, where every detail is very important to build a complete and representative variety.

Wind instruments along with the wind orchestra allows for an encounter with metal, wood and banging instruments. Unique compared with the String Orchestra in that all wind instruments require a different level of skill and thus has to meet diverse needs of the children.

Throughout the last four years we have invested extensively in this project and with the generous help of the Keren Shemesh Foundation we were able to reach great achievements in the field of music. We are very grateful for all the support and guidance that we receive. Without this support we would not be able to sustain the program. ”

-Bracha Gadunkin Biton, principal of Jabotinsky


Keren Shemesh is proud to be the driving force behind the successful music program in Jabotinsky Elementary School. This is the fifth year of the Jabotinsky music project, and it is a great honor for us to be a full partner in this wonderful project. We have been involved in this worthy cause from its conception and from the day it took its very first steps.

We started with ten students and in conjunction with the municipal conservatory, began to hear the musical notes of the saxophone and the clarinet. Today the wind orchestra boasts 30 students, and with the introduction of the new trumpet studies the orchestra will grow to a remarkable 42 students.As part of our community outreach, we have organized and sponsored a series of community evenings that include singing and classical concerts, as well as supporting especially gifted and talented music students. Daniel Askerov for example, who began in the Conservatory musical center at the age of 5 is now a world renowned violinist. Daniel continued his studies at the Buchman-Metha School of Music in Tel Aviv IMG_8179University and is currently studying abroad. Keren Shemesh has been supporting him in his studies over the last 12 years.

All this would not have been possible without the help and support of our friends and donors from all over the world.

With Your Help:

  • Keren Shemesh continues to support music programs in schools around the city.
  • Keren Shemesh assists schools in purchasing and repairing musical instruments.
  • Keren Shemesh provides scholarships for gifted children to continue their musical education at the conservatory and other higher educational institutions.

Donor Opportunities:

  • To repair instruments and purchase new instruments – U.S. $250
  • A scholarship to sponsor a talented child in the Music Conservatory – U.S. $1000

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