As part of the concept of the future city of Beit Shemesh 2030, and in collaboration between the city’s education department, Keren Shemesh and the Trump Foundation, the Trump program for excellence in mathematics and science was established. The program aspires to expand the circle of excellence in the city so that at least 40% of middle and high school students in the city will study in honors classes in math and science. This program involves 8 public and religious schools and 4 ultra-Orthodox schools. As part of the program, in each school, dedicated classes will be opened in the ninth grade where they will study 4 hours a week in addition to the regular teaching hours – 2 hours of mathematical thinking in preparation for honors classes and 2 hours for the development of mathematical thinking in a scientific-technological context. In addition, this program places great emphasis on improving and training math and science teachers in order to increase their teaching abilities and adapt them to the challenges of excellence in math and science.