Our Team


CEO of the Foundation

In his previous position he was manager of economic development and loan funds at the Jewish Agency for Israel. He was involved in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in Israel to open, develop and expand their businesses; He also managed the establishment of the Spark.iL crowdfunding venture that helps with loans to small and micro businesses in the geographic and social periphery. He previously held various positions at Bank Hapoalim, including department manager and acting branch manager; and also as a manager of the financial management field at the Jewish Agency. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science and is studying for a master’s degree in finance and marketing, both from the Hebrew University. Lives with his wife and 3 children in Jerusalem.


Project Director

Sharona was born in the United States. She has lived in Beit Shemesh for 29 years. She is married with five children and four grandchildren.
Sharona has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Bar Ilan University and a law degree.
Sharona is our project director, focusing mainly on the sponsor a child project.


Director of financial resource development

Chaya Josovic, is former Director of the Jewish School Network in the FSU, is Israeli Government Liaison for the Conference of European Rabbis and other NGOs and a Social Entrepreneur.
Chaya has initiated and actively directs several Jewish identity projects in major diaspora communities, she serves on steering committees and acts as government liaison and lobbyist for several NGOs in spheres of education, absorption and diaspora affairs. Chaya was previously a senior adviser to Minister Nahari in the Finance Ministry and an educational emissary to the Jewish Community of Moscow.
In 2012 Chaya co-founded the Beit Shemesh area women’s dialogue project “Nashim Nehedarot” which has so far meaningfully connected over 250 religious and non-religious women in its unique workshops and has served as a model for similar projects around the country.
In 2016, Chaya was nominated to light a beacon at the Israel Independence Day ceremoby, but she deferred the honor to an associate who is an ambassador for women’s rights in the religious community who was recognized instead.
Chaya is a resident of Beit Shemesh, a busy working mother of nine children.



Wuda was born in Ethiopia at the age of 8 she immigrated to Israel. Now a resident of Beit Shemesh, married and mother of five children. She studied special education at Herzog College, a master’s degree in educational counselling in special education at Tel Aviv University.
In the last 5 years, a teacher at the Branco Weiss school in Beit Shemesh.
Wuda manages the project ‘Someone believes in me’ – a project of mentors for young Ethiopians children and their parents in after school hours.



13 years teacher and science coordinator at the Branko Weiss school in Beit Shemesh. Regional Institutional science instructor in the Beit Shemesh area.
Merav graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in science teaching.
She coordinates the “Top 15” excellence program on behalf of the Trump Foundation, which aims to increase the number of students who take the matriculation exam at the 5-unit level and choose a science major in high school.
Merav is married and lives in Beit Shemesh.

Legal Counsel

David was born in the United States. He has lived in Beit Shemesh for 25 years. He is married with four children.
David is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
He specializes in representing start-ups and international high-tech companies in complex transactions alongside specialization in law and old age (wills, continuing power of attorney, guardianship). And is a military rabbi in reserve.
Adv. Eisen provides advice to non-profit organizations as pro bono services, and is certified as a notary.

CEO 2018-2022  In Memory

Shmuel Z”L started as Keren Shemeshs CEO in 2018 and worked until his untimely death January 2022.
Shmuel Z”L entered the hearts of all members of the management as well as everyone who worked with him in and around Beit Shemesh.
Samuel instilled in all a sense of joy, security, and creativity.
In the his early days as CEO, Shmuel researched Beit Shemesh, its people and the needs of its residents, with an emphasis on children and youth.
In the last two years, Shmuel was involved in a wide range of projects, from projects of welfare and giving to underprivileged families to highly advanced education and technology projects. Shmuel Z”L, handled more than ten projects simultaneously – all carried out quietly, pleasantly, and happily.
Beyond all professional activity, Shmuel Z”L was a friend. Our dear friend who brought the best in all of us and inspired us always strive to do better.  Shmuel Z”L always greeted us with a bright smile or with special treats. Shmuel Z”L always greeted everyone he met with a hug or positive encouragement. Shmuel Z”L installed trust and confidence with anyone he worked with.
Since his untimely passing, the magnitude of his loss is becoming clearer, and we truly miss Shmuel. A friend of ours who left us.  
Keren Shemesh will always remember Shmuel Z”L and will work hard to continue his legacy. 
May his memory be a blessing.