Our Partners

Keren Shemesh in cooperation with the Beit Shemesh Municipality are engaged in promoting the development of the city as part of the “Beit Shemesh 2030” program. Beit Shemesh is experiencing a particularly rapid growth rate and is currently the fastest growing city in Israel. The city currently has about 142,000 residents and by 2030 about 250,000 residents are expected to live in the city. The combination of the rapid growth rate together with a quality population looking to enter the labor market and the excellent location of the city opens up new opportunities that are important for us to maximize for the benefit of the residents of Beit Shemesh.
Realizing that only an urban initiative is able to see all the participants and needs in the local employment market, the Municipal Employment Administration was established with the aim of strengthening the employment resilience of households in the city. The Administration connects all the professional factors working in the field of employment in the city to promote common urban moves on the one hand, and differential responses to the various communities on the other.
The Employment Administration works from within the Keren Shemesh association in full cooperation with the Beit Shemesh municipality and all the employment factors in the city. The project is managed by Mrs. Esti Moskowitz-Kalman and we believe it will be a turning point that will significantly affect the city’s future.

It is our desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel. Founded in 1976, Bridges for Peace seeks to be a ministry of hope and reconciliation. Through programs both in Israel and worldwide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community.

The Eddie and Jules Trump Family Foundation was created in 2011 to assist the Israeli education system expand the circle of excellence in the fields of mathematics and the sciences. The foundation invests in human capital because in the 21st century, strong abilities in mathematics and the sciences are “golden keys” that can help an individual thrive, and at the same time advance our society in promoting technological innovation, economic growth, scientific breakthroughs and the reduction of gaps.
We are profoundly driven by a desire to ensure that every child in every classroom benefits from teaching at a level of excellence. We encounter many students in Israel who are ripe for the challenge and we believe that it is their right and our obligation to help them unleash their talents. We see our mission as addressing a national call, aimed at enabling Israel to catch up to the world’s leaders in educational achievement and better position itself towards the second quarter of the 21st century.

Friends By Nature – Community Empowerment (NGO) was established in 2005 by a group of youth who are involved in multiculturalism and identity in the fields of community, youth at risk and informal education. Among the association’s members there are Ethiopians, veteran Israelis, religious, and secular jews; They all know from experience that success is possible, and are committed to the ideology of strengthening self-identity by way of respect for the culture of origin.
Friends By Nature has been initiating, establishing and accompanying communities of Ethiopian origin since 2005. Today there are 8 active communities: Gedera, Yavne, Beit Shemesh, Rishon LeZion, Lod, Petah Tikva, Yokneam and Hadera (in addition, the Ashdod community is in the process of being established). A new community is established every year. Friends By Nature also networks and connects all the communities together, creating a “community of communities.”
The main goals of Friends By Nature – community empowerment (NGO) are to reach the personal potential of the youth, by improving self-identity; strengthening the family unit; bringing different segments of the population closer together and creating an atmosphere of tolerance; sending youth at risk to an attractive framework in order to prevent vandalism, wandering, etc .; increasing the number of volunteers (such as those who enlist in the IDF and join national service); strengthening the connection to the country; and providing scholarships to students who will work to promote the NGO’s goals.

Three years ago we lost our dear friend the late Noam Ivgi after his long battle with a rare type of cancer.
We have chosen to start a volunteer project – classes that will allow children a framework in which they can develop despite financial difficulties. A social framework that will support and believe in children and work to bring to light the strengths of each and every child.
We chose a format of classes in which the children could exhaust their talents and fulfill their personal development. Our target audience is not only children from low-income families, but a combination of them with children who come from “normal” socio-economic backgrounds.
In addition, we strive to grow a quality volunteer team, to develop and encourage young leadership skills among the volunteers and a strong connection with the community.
The association is mostly led by teenagers who work in the affairs of the entire association, logistics, education, etc