Our Projects


sponsor a child

A program that serves as a platform to enable children who come from disadvantaged families in the city of Beit Shemesh to realize their potential and guide them to succeed in their studies.

i believe

someone to believe in me

A program that serves as a springboard to academic success for the disadvantaged, immigrant Ethiopian youth residing in Bet Shemesh.

projects in cooperation with the city


the Trump program for excellence in mathematics and science

The Trump Program for Excellence in Mathematics and Science aims to expand the circle of excellence in the city, by promoting and encouraging middle and high school students in the city to study in honor classes in math and science.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Past projects


Empowering Neighborhoods

Rehabilitation of the Physical Environment in this “slum like” area by fixing broken stairs, clearing of waste and making the area look inviting.


Enhancing technology skills

Helping local schools upgrade to teach technological skills.


Summer camp

Allowing children to experience the joy of summer camp.


Music programs

Giving our talented but less able kids the chance to learn and experience music.