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We Help Kids in Beit Shemesh Reach Thier Potential

Making a difference in the lives of children in Bet Shemesh

Keren Shemesh – the Beit Shemesh Development Fund, was founded in July 2005 and is the leading non-profit organization in the city. The main goal of the Fund is to improve the lives of the residents of Beit Shemesh, to invest in education and improve cultural activity in the city. Our Board of Directors is composed of local residents, some immigrants to Israel from the west and some native born Israelis. The members of our board have a strong sense of volunteerism and are actively involved in and contribute to all aspects of life in the city. The Fund has tax deductible status from the Ministry of Finance of Israel and is recognized to receive donations by the PEF Endowment Fund in the United States. Our Fund has a General Director, Chairman of the board and a Board of Directors.

Keren Shemesh, The Beit Shemesh Foundation has set a goal to break the cycle of poverty in our city. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the beginning of the fourth generation of poverty in our community; poverty is the major challenge which Beit Shemesh has been dealing with over the past 50 years. Unlike other non-profit organizations, we feel that the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through accessible and equal educational opportunities for all children in our community.

Giving kids the opportunity to experience the depth and variety of educational opportunities available to more affluent children – allows the children of Beit Shemesh, Keren Shemesh children to dream and believe in themselves. This simple (seemingly so) change is the catalyst needed to propel kids forward to a brighter future.

The main programs we run are:

  • Someone Believes in Me – Homework At Home – creating the right conditions for learning at home.
  • Sponsor a Child – Financial assistance to help cover Educational Gaps.
  • Scholarships for College Students – Financial aid for higher education for students from Bet Shemesh.
  • Project Trump for Excellence – Promoting Children to achieve Excellence in the subjects of Math and Science.
  • The Artists’ House – Gallery work and show space for local artists including art classes for local residents.
  • The Municipal Employment Administration – Strengthening the employment resilience of households in the city.
  • Responsibility Education – Educational and environmental activities for at risk youth and Ultra Orthodox high school students.
  • STEM – Science, Technology, Electronics and Mathematics – creating new and innovative learning environments including introducing new teaching techniques.
  • The Sun Model – Pilot for an entrepreneurial educational model where teachers and students work together with local organizations to tackle community challenges.
  • The Tennis Project – Building a new and modern Tennis center in the city.