Summer Camp

As part of the “Sponsor a Child” program we end the school year with a three week summer camp for 220 children pic_campfrom disadvantaged families.  They enjoy the first three weeks of the summer vacation in a very friendly environment and rich program.  The idea is to give the children a better and safer summer, where in addition to fun and games, trips, swimming, breakfast and lunch they also receive 3 hours a day of instruction in English, math and Hebrew.  We have been doing this for the past 8 years and with the help of Bridges for Peace we will continue for many more years.

Israeli children struggle with the English language in school, many of the children find it very difficult.  Keren Shemesh, together with the principals of the schools, plan to have English camp for 100 children from fifth and sixth grade.  The idea is to spend 3 weeks speaking only English at the camp.  All the staff working at the camp will be from English speaking countries.

Many children in Beit Shemesh can’t afford to send their children to summer camp, as a result many children spend the summer watching television or wandering the streets and getting in trouble.  Our purpose is to save children from the streets and provide them with summer adventures.  To give children a safe summer, Keren Shemesh is asking for help to send a child to camp

Donor Opportunities: 

  • $450 to send a child for a three week session to summer camp
  • $400 to provide a summer school
  • $200 to send a teenager to a summer program 

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